Whinging Politicians, bankers and lawyers are total criminal scum. They protect each other
Whinger, Whinge About everything and anything. Whinging and complain, protest and opinion, point of view.
Total Whinger this is the whinging Australian style I DON'T! LIKE IT!. There is nothing i like about politicians lawyers and bankers, they're total scum, just a parasites! This is my whinging

Politicians struggling for power

Labour have lost election

3 Stooges

Everyone knew labor had no chance to win this elections.

Labor is sinking fast and i hope for very long time.
Labor got new leader Bill Shorten, well he has no chance to win anything with his carbon tax, global warming and other Labor and Green policies, they just lost election and they still promote the same crap, if Labor can't or is unwilling to change they will be in opposition forever.

BillTonyNew promise by the prime minister is to keep promises, how wonderful, now we all feel better.
We have new oposition leader too and great new policy. This is great and life is good again

Politicians getting bit excited when they make important speeches. These two statements will raise living standards to all Australians.
Tony Bill

Mr tony in opposition become "Mr NO" during election become "Mr PROMISE" after election "Mr LIAR", and what's new, another politician and another liar, Julia had a big nose but Tony can't even see end of his nose. You kick out one liar and another is coming in, maybe people of Australia should try greens or Palmer party I'm sure they can't do any worse than the previous liars, it will teach the major party a lesson. Politician should be strip from all privileges and their super should be like everybody's else, and only then we will have honest politician who will represent people of Australia not big financial institution and cooperation which treat country like business and people like their slaves, unlimited supply of slave labour which make them reach and powerful.

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This is my whinging or opinion, and I don't care what someone may or may not think about it. My Whinging and wining.