Whinging Politicians, bankers and lawyers are total criminal scum. They protect each other
Whinger, Whinge About everything and anything. Whinging and complain, protest and opinion, point of view.
Total Whinger this is the whinging Australian style I DON'T! LIKE IT!. There is nothing i like about politicians lawyers and bankers, they're total scum, just a parasites! This is my whinging

Malcolm Turnbull the conman

The Worst Government Ever


Malcolm the conman

Australia's bad Prime Ministers; Kevin Rudd the chaos P.M., Julia Gillard the liar P.M., Tony Abott the promise P.M.,I call him promise PM but names like creepy and arrogant describe him well too, and now we have Malcolm Turnbull the conman P.M. And the flag for the worst P.M. takes Tony in my opinion, knights and dames titles did it for me anyway.Smile Smile
So now liberals change their leader, like labor did I always knew it, there is no different between those two parties, exactly the same assholes. Tony was useless so liberals choose "Malcolm the conman", press like him mainly because he can talk about absolutely nothing for hours all media got their interviews make their money. Only one thing what Tony did, he stop the boat people, but that was obvious turn them back and end of the story. Abolishing carbon tax doesn't count because he reintroduced the fuel excise indexation tax so replace one tax with another. So far Malcolm waffle a lot, nothing will change nothing will be done sad story and no one to replace those morons. Labor probably will win next election, what can I say, and those people are paid by Australian tax payer very well paid plus all the privileges and no responsibility whatsoever. Smile

Malcolm Turnbull
It seems to me the most important thing for both parties is to choose leader which is popular with the media and the public and the rest no matter, who cares. Nothing ever is done so Australians getting poorer only about 5% getting richer and the free trade with China will speed up the process if someone thinks Australia will benefit from it he is leaving in a dream land, only the super rich will benefit around 5% the rest will have absolutely nothing from the agreement, actually will pay for it. And you have to remember China is a communist country free trade agreement means free trade with north Korea too, just wander how the Australian sanction on north Korea will work, commies must to Lough their heads off. Political parties selling Australia fast, soon we'll have to replace British Jack or stars with this Commies just the examples Flag or mayby this Flag looks good we'll better get used to it.

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This is my whinging or opinion, and I don't care what someone may or may not think about it. My Whinging and wining.