Whinging Politicians, bankers and lawyers are total criminal scum. They protect each other
Whinger, Whinge About everything and anything. Whinging and complain, protest and opinion, point of view.
Total Whinger this is the whinging Australian style I DON'T! LIKE IT!. There is nothing i like about politicians lawyers and bankers, they're total scum, just a parasites! This is my whinging

Labor 2022

Labor manage to win election

Well election 2022 i have to say liberal lost it, labor got P.M and greens won it so it means greens run this country. God save Australia SmileIn reality nothing will happen, people will adjust and get on with their lives. Green government will collect bit more tax so they can waste more money on some green projects, and nothing else will change, hopefully. Smile

Power Station

I just wonder who breeds those morons.

BowenI have to do what's good for the country
TaxPoliticians always hold on to the power to bitter end and drag to hell everyone with them. Sad but true

I drink to thatRainbow people and greenies are happy, now they can run the show, labor just got the P.M. Get ready for woke nonsense, and if you a white person you are guilty of everything what happened on this planet, and of course you have to pay for it, and pay, and pay even more, and its never never enough. Ah! forgot to add it of course you have to be racist too.

ozone layer hole

Ozone layer hole

Anybody remember ozone layer hole, and green prediction - we all gonna die, sun will kill us all and so on and on and on, well nothing happened, so cold ozone hole fix itself and is smallest on record without anybody's help. I just wonder how much money green party extort illegally from taxpayers (government grants and subsidies). All greenies assholes should be in jails for spreading panic and money extortions. Ozone are yesterday news greenies need new strategy and we have global warming

Lewinsky Story

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Do you know the Lewinsky story?
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Yes SER!
3 / 3
So you know what to do

This is how Labor - China relationship looks like. Australian foreign minister Hon Penny Wong so far done lots of traveling and nothing else, but again if anybody expect anything from labor it must be woke or greenies. LOL

Solution and air pollution

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This is my whinging or opinion, and I don't care what someone may or may not think about it. My Whinging and wining.