Whinging Politicians, bankers and lawyers are total criminal scum. They protect each other
Whinger, Whinge About everything and anything. Whinging and complain, protest and opinion, point of view.
Total Whinger this is the whinging Australian style I DON'T! LIKE IT!. There is nothing i like about politicians lawyers and bankers, they're total scum, just a parasites! This is my whinging

Intergenerational report 2015

The Intergenerational Report.

The Intergenerational Report's section on population is not worth it the paper is written on, now the economist will tell as haw long we goner live ha, ha, ha, yes people increase the average life expectancy only because of better quality and quantity of food available and health care of cause but the limits been just about to reach so people not goner live any longer. This is absolutely stupid prediction based purely on numbers that in 2054-55, life expectancy at birth is projected to be 95.1 years for men, up from 91.5 years today it's not goner happened, people are not machines and have limits, if anybody believe in those prediction he is a total moron like politicians absolute idiots. Population will grow but nowhere near the amount have the morons predicted it, we will have more people reach the magic hundred (obvious bigger population) but the number of those freaks will be very similar to todays. People after 65 year of age are not suitable for work and people after 55 have no chance to find a work and that's a fact. People like to hear they will live long and well over 100 years of age but at the moment it is a dream land until someone alter humans DNA and this not goner happened in near future.
Three politicians

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This is my whinging or opinion, and I don't care what someone may or may not think about it. My Whinging and wining.